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Fife Council publishes a wide range of information on behalf of the Fife Economy Partnership covering various aspects of Fife’s economy and labour market.


The links below provide a range of up-to-date news, facts, publications, economic intelligence and statistical information about Fife's economy.


Click on the links below to download:


  • Monthly Economic Updates - our monthly updates provide the most up-to-date figures on Fife’s workforce development and employment and unemployment rates and compares them with Scottish and UK averages.








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  • Annual Labour Market Reports - the Annual Labour Market Report 2012 provides a more in-depth analysis of the labour market in Fife than is provided in the monthly updates and contains trend data on both the demand and supply side of the labour market, a breakdown of the population demographics within Fife and an examination of Fife's business structure.



  • Fife's Business Base - The 2012 Fife Business Base report provides an overview of the businesses that are operating in Fife giving information on the types of industry sectors that are prevalent in Fife, their size, numbers of people employed and their productivity rates.






More information on the labour market in Fife and other parts of the UK can be found from the Office of National Statistics.