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Fife Economic Strategy


The Fife Economic Strategy 2013-2023 sets out the future direction for Fife’s economy and outlines a number of priorities for the region over the next decade.


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The new Fife Economic Strategy has been developed and agreed jointly by Fife Council and the Fife Economy Partnership and its development was informed by feedback from consultation with both parties and with the wider business community.



The Strategy’s vision is for a vibrant local economy in Fife through sustainable economic growth - where Fife's business environment inspires residents and businesses to create private sector job opportunities, making Fife the best place to start and grow a business.



Three strategic outcomes address the challenges and opportunities:

  • People - a skilled workforce for the future including tackling barriers to employability;


  • A competitive business location - a modern business infrastructure; and


  • Business growth - more dynamic businesses.


The strategy was launched at a business breakfast on 3 October 2013.