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Scotland's Economic Strategy


The Fife Economic Strategy is our local response to both the economic challenges and opportunities in Fife and to the Scottish Government’s ambitions for the Scottish economy as set out on the Government’s website.


On 3 March 2015 the Scottish Government published its new economic strategy - Scotland's Economic Strategy.  This sets out how it intends all public sector bodies to deliver the economic vision for Scotland and replaces the Government Economic Strategy launched in 2011.


The Strategy brings increased focus to the dual objectives of boosting competitiveness and tackling inequality.


It sets out four broad priority areas where actions will be targeted to make a difference:


  • Investing on our people and our infrastructure in a sustainable way
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and research and development
  • Promoting inclusive growth and creating opportunity through a fair and inclusive jobs market and regional cohesion
  • Promoting Scotland on the international stage to boost our trade and investment, influence and networks


Click to download a summary of the key points presented in the Strategy.